The most memorable thing about Pigeon Street is the music. The theme tune is utterly fantastic. Below is a collection of the songs from the series, with downloads and lyrics.

Theme Tune

Download main theme
Download end theme

If you lived in Pigeon Street,
Here are the people you could meet,
Here are the people who would say
Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye
Every day

If you lived in Pigeon Street,
Here are the people you could meet,
Here are the people who would share
the sights, the sounds, the air
Where pigeons beat their wings, wings beat.
Pigeons beat their wings, wings beat
to meet in Pigeon Street

Long Distance Clara

Download Clara's song

Long-distance Clara drives a juggernaught
way down the motorway
to the busy port
Long-distance Clara - nothing's too far away
Picking up and dropping off, load after load

Long Distance Clara, shifts the gears
Long Distance Clara, she safely stears
Long Distance Clara, slams on the brakes
Long Distance Clara, accelerates
Long Distance Clara driving round the bend
Hot dinner waiting at her journeys end
Long Distance Clara, driving down the road
Always on time and never late

Long Distance Clara, well, she could drive,
across the Sahara....

Pole to pole, east to west
nothing's too far away
for Long-distance Clara

High and Low

Download Mr Jupiter and Mr Baskerville's song

One looking up, one looking down
Eyes to the sky, nose to the ground
Clouds for him, clouds and birds.
Grass for him, and ladybirds
Jupiter far, Baskerville near
One looking up, one looking down,
Eyes to the sky, nose to the ground

Molly and Polly

Download Molly and Polly's song

Polly and Molly are two of a kind
They look just the same when they're seen from behind
But when they turn around it's easy to see
Who's Molly - with an M and Polly with a P.

Macadoo's Song

Download Mr Macadoo's song
Download Mr Macadoo's song (norwegian)

If you've got a problem with your pet
take it along to Macadoo
He's like a vet so get along
And Macadoo will know what to do.
MacAdoo, has the knackado
MacAdoo, he's no Quack a doo
MacAdoo, doesn't lack-a-do
MacAdoo, is the man for you

MacAdoo will help your pet
Well, Mr. MacAdoo, well he's the best vet
Like a vet, MacAdoo wil help your pet
So don't mess about and without much more ado
get along (clap clap clap) to MacAdoo


Verse (very glum sounding):

Reg, is the keeper
of park, playground and green.
Reg, is the keeper
He likes to keep things clean.

Chorus (cheerful):

But at night, to his delight
la la la la la la la la la
To go dancing (dum dum dum)
To go dancing (dum dum dum)
to go dancing, with his wife, Doreen

Light In The Sky

Ooh what is that light in the sky?
That makes everyone wonder why?

Bob's Pigeons

Bob's pigeons are ever so clever
You'll never find pigeons quite as clever as Bob's
Whatever the weather they'll ???
sky ???
high ???
home and dry to Bob's
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